Our Mission, Vision, and Values

The Concordia Foundation Inc. (the Foundation) is a nonprofit charitable organization established by representatives of the Mennonite faith community as an expression of our commitment to care for others.


The Foundation’s Mission is to raise funds and manage donor gifts that support outstanding clinical care, long-term care, research, wellness, and housing services in a way that reflects Mennonite Christian values while demonstrating a passion to serve our community.


The Foundation’s Vision is to achieve exceptional philanthropy for health, housing, and research, enabling Concordia to be a leader in exemplary care, innovation, and academic excellence.

We Value:

Collaboration – We embrace the collaboration needed to support our stakeholders (e.g. Concordia Hip & Knee Institute, Concordia Hospital, Concordia Place, Concordia Village, Concordia Wellness Projects Inc., the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and others) in our support of excellent services.

Compassion and Respect – We believe in the sacredness and uniqueness of all patients, residents, their families, and members of the Foundation Team. We treat each other with compassion and respect.

Excellence – Each of us is committed to excellence. We will consistently support the quality and safety of Concordia’s care and services.

Teamwork – We are committed to working together as a team. Our Foundation Team includes patients, residents, family members, tenants, physicians, staff, and volunteers.

Accountability – We are each responsible for our own actions as well as the success of the team. We show a sense of ownership and are responsible to our community for the Foundation’s performance.

The Concordia Foundation Way…

• Absolute commitment to the pursuit of excellence
• Being exceptionally supportive of one another, nurturing and friendly
• Approaching things in the spirit of learning how to improve
• Mutual responsibility for making things better
• Treating one another with respect, caring, and compassion

To learn how you can help make a difference, please contact us!