Past Recipients of The Martin Bergen Award

The Martin Bergen Award was established in 1984. The Award is named after Martin Bergen who is a local business person and philanthropist who has been very supportive of Concordia Hospital and its community. The Award recognizes notable individuals or organizations for their longstanding contribution to society and the community served by Concordia. The Concordia Foundation Gala Dinner Committee vets nominations which are approved by the Foundation Board.

Honourees 2000–2017

2017 Bonnie Mitchelson
2016 Mr. & Mrs. Bill & Margaret Fast
2015 Mr. Abdo (Albert) El Tassi
2014 Ms. Jennifer Jones
2013 The Movement Centre of Manitoba
2012 Ms. Sylvia Kuzyk
2011 Ambassador Gary Doer
2010 The Mennonite Central Committee Canada
2010 The Mennonite Disaster Services Region V
2009 The Winnipeg Foundation
2008 Ms. Cindy Klassen
2007 The Rev. Harry Lehotsky and New Life Ministries
2006 The Honourable Peter M. Liba
2005 Mr. Fred Penner
2004 The DeFehr Foundation
2003 Mr. Cornelius B. Fast
2002 Dr. Henry P. Krahn
2001 Concordia Volunteer Community
2000 Dr. Henry T. Dirks

Long Term Service Award Recipients 1984-1999

1999 Mr. Bill Norrie
1998 Dr. George Epp
1997 Mrs. Helen Regehr
1997 Mr. Walter Klassen
1996 Dr. J. Bryson Murray
1995 Very Reverend J. Melnyk
1994 Mrs. Anne Jorowski
1993 Mennonite Central Committee
1993 Mr. Martin Bergen
1992 Dr. B.B. Fast
1991 Mr. Sig Enns
1990 Rev. J. Krause
1990 Justice J.G. Smith
1989 Mr. Allen Rouse
1988 Mr. Abram A. DeFehr
1987 Mr. E. Bruce Bodie
1986 Mr. Henry Willms
1985 The McTavish Family
1985 The Honourable Russ Paulley Family
1984 Dr. J.E. Isaac
1984 Mr. Thomas Sill C.A.