Building foundations for a healthy future

Donations to the Concordia Foundation are used to help fund the various community health/infrastucture activities on The Concordia Campus. There are numerous ways you can support the Concordia Foundation:

Annual Giving
This is the donor’s first chance to give to Concordia Foundation and generously respond to our Annual Direct Mail Campaign. Any amount donated is considered a generous amount!

Monthly Gifts
This is a great way to spread your donation over the course of a year. For example, $20 a month may not seem like a large amount, but spread over a year, you’ve now contributed $240… and it’s all tax deductible.

Commemorative Giving
Celebrate the life of a beloved family member or friend by giving a Memorial Gift that is a tribute to their care and concern for the community. As well, gifts to the Concordia Foundation can be designated “In Honour” of a person, medical staff, or a celebration of a special milestone in life (e.g. an anniversary, a birth, etc.). All gifts are provided with a tax receipt.

Matching Gift Program
Concordia Foundation has recently introduced a Matching Gift Program for you to designate your gift to an area of your choice.

Planned Giving
Most Foundation supporters give gifts of cash. It is as easy as writing a cheque or using your credit card. It’s safe and secure. Your charitable tax receipt is issued for the full amount of your donation.

We’d like to introduce you to a sponsorship program that offers your company a continued opportunity to promote your commitment to health care and broaden recognition throughout the city. We invite you to be part of our growth and development.

The Concordia Foundation has a permanent Recognition and Memorial Wall that reflects the cumulative total of charitable gifts from various donors.

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