Announcing the 2019 Martin Bergen Award Celebration

2019 Recipient of the Martin Bergen Award

David Olfert spent his early life in rural Manitoba and his career working at the Canadian Wheat Board for 40 years as their Executive Director of Finance and Treasurer for the last 14 years of his working career.

As a Certified General Accountant, he was more than qualified to bring wisdom and stability to his volunteer roles on the Mennonite Benevolent Society, Crosstown Credit Union, the Conference of Mennonites in Canada as well as Concordia Hospital, Concordia Foundation and Concordia Wellness Projects Inc.

Mr. Olfert has been a steadfast and continuing presence with his leadership over a span of over 25 years to the Concordia Campus.  During his tenure there have been many changes that he has helped navigate and bring forward such as accreditation by the Canadian Council of Health Services, the construction of Concordia Place, Concordia Village, Concordia Hip & Knee Institute and several major additions to the hospital that has improved and impacted patient care and safety as we know it today.

He has delivered prudent and proactive leadership in fiscal matters and guided us in numerous financial planning strategies. He has shown an inclusive leadership style with a steady hand, thoughtful approach and serious consideration for all of the factors that led to the successful growth of the Concordia Campus.

He has been the Chair of the Boards of Concordia Hospital, Concordia Foundation and Concordia Wellness Projects Inc.

He and Hermine, live in East St. Paul and have three married children and 17 grandchildren.

The entire community thanks him for his tremendous contribution to the community as we honour him with Concordia’s most prestigious award – The Martin Bergen Award.

About the Martin Bergen Award

For the past 19 years, Concordia has honoured a person or persons in our community with the Martin Bergen Award, named for Winnipeg philanthropist and business leader.  Mr. Bergen came to Canada in 1953, penniless but determined to make a new life during the turbulent years following World War II.  Through integrity, strength of character and determination, he built an exceptional legacy.

As a strong supporter of Concordia Hospital, he left a lasting imprint on the community as the Concordia Campus grew to include Concordia Place, Concordia Wellness Projects, Concordia Village and the Concordia Hip & Knee Institute.

Mr. Bergen passed away in March 2017 but his legacy lives on.  When asked what he would most like to be remembered for, he always readily responded, “That I was honest and worked hard.”

We are honoured to have this event, to welcome members of the Bergen family and to present this award to Mr. David Olfert.