February 24, 2018

We Are Your Companions….

Concordia’s Companion on the Journey Program – Confidential and Compassionate

We are with you as a companion – On Your Journey to Healing

Grief is a deeply painful, lonely, and isolating experience. When someone we care about dies, we often feel unprepared and ill-equipped to deal with our emotions.

Among the many normal reactions, we experience after loss include emotional and physical exhaustion, reduced concentration, numbness, isolation, changes in eating and sleeping, and a rollercoaster of emotional energy.

Sadly, many of us have not been taught how to deal with our emotional pain after a loss. Instead, we are told to “move on”, “keep busy”, “be strong”, “wait for time to heal” and eventually, “get over it”. This misinformation further isolates us in our pain and distracts us from our healing.

The wonderful news is, grief does not have to be a life sentence of suffering.
The “Companion on the Journey” Bereavement Care Program at Concordia is our commitment to caring for those who lose a loved one. Our trained grief counselor and trained volunteers are available to provide support to individuals and families. For one year following the loss of a loved one, our program provides telephone support, group support, and one-to-one support as needed.

One month following the loss of a loved one, you will be mailed a packet of information which explains the process of mourning.

People have commented on how helpful the packet has been for understanding their feelings and physical reactions to loss. The material explains who the counselor and volunteers are and when to expect a follow-up phone call. Calls are made every 2 months for a year or as you may prefer.

“It was helpful to have someone who wasn’t family or a friend to talk about feelings, so I had no worries and guilt. I am sure it moved the grieving along, so I didn’t get too stuck.”

Grief Support Groups

Six months following loss, participants are invited to a seven-weekly grief support group session that is held at the hospital. The most frequent comment following the support group is, “I discovered that there were others who were going through the same emotions. I am not alone.”

The series includes topics such as Sharing Your Story, The Grieving Process, Coping with Changes, Spiritual Aspects of Grieving, Common Emotions and Moving Forward.

The “Companion on the Journey” program is funded by the Concordia Foundation and is a significant mission-driven way that Concordia stands behind our commitment to care with compassion and respect.

For more information or to register for this program please contact:

Bob Milks, Facilitator of Bereavement Care
Concordia Hospital
1095 Concordia Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R2K 3S8
T: 204-661-7402
C: 204-794-1913