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About Dr. Turgeon

Dr Turgeon giving a speach

Dr. Tom Turgeon’s principal interests involve the outcome of hip and knee placement patients. He leads and participates in prospective and retrospective clinical trials assessing these patients. He also conducts research into the joint replacement implants themselves. This involves the assessment of new implants before clinical use, assessment of failed implants and the assessment of the clinical success of implanted patients using advanced assessment such as radiostereometric analysis (RSA).

  • Fields of Application: Biomedical Aspects of Human Health, Pathogenesis and Treatment of Diseases
  • Disciplines Trained In: Surgery, Statistics and Evaluation
  • Areas of Research: Arthritis / Osteo-Arthritis, Community Health / Public Health, Joints (Articulations), Metals and Alloys, Orthoses and Prostheses
  • Research Specialization Keywords: additive manufacturing, failure analysis, hip arthroplasty, implant design, Implant Retrieval, knee arthroplasty, radiostereometric analysis, statistics
  • Research Disciplines: Surgery, Biomedical Engineering and Epidemiology


  • University of Western Ontario, Bachelor’s Science and Chemistry
  • Master’s Equivalent, Doctor of Medicine, University of Western Ontario
  • Surgical Residency, Orthopedic Surgery, University of Saskatchewan
  • Certificate, Adult Reconstructive Surgery – Fellow, Adult Reconstructive Surgery, Arthritis Surgery Centre of San Diego.
  • Master’s Thesis, Public Health, Epidemiology, San Diego State University
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