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Gift Planning with Securities

A donation of securities or mutual funds is the most efficient way to give charitably.

Since capital gains taxes don’t apply, you can give more and get more. By donating securities directly to us as opposed to selling them and donating the proceeds, the capital gains tax can be eliminated. This means more money for the charity and a greater charitable tax credit for you.

Please visit this page to learn more about donating securities.

The Concordia Foundation is the best investment for the future of medicine. You can do your part to accelerate the pace of research and discovery to patient care through a variety of gift-planning options.

By making a gift today or supporting us after your lifetime, you can still provide for your family, while enabling compassionate medical care, research, and education to continue for future generations.

Gift Planning (more commonly known as planned giving) is an area of fundraising that refers to several specific gift types that can be funded with cash, equity, or property.

Planned gifts are referred to as such because they require more planning, negotiation, and counsel than many other gifts.

Planned gifts can result in immediate income, income to charity over time or services to delay a gift for life or another period of time while the donor or others retain income and/or access to the assets used to fund the gift.

Because of the current or future charitable benefits, a number of income tax, capital gains, estate and gift benefits are associated with giving in this way.

Funds generated through planned gifts are usually devoted to current funding needs as well as capital projects and endowments.

The Concordia Foundation works with Abundance Canada (formerly called The Mennonite Foundation) to create awareness and up- to- date information about gift planning processes, instruments, and ways to create a plan that fits with your budget and philanthropic goals.

They offer free resources as well as conversations with a certified gift planner (no obligation) to facilitate you or your family with important decisions.

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