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In Loving Memory

We honour and respect the following donations that have been made in memory of a loved one in the past year. These donations not only make sure that a person’s memory lives on in a meaningful way, but the contribution goes immediately to work for the Concordia Foundation.

The following loving tributes were made to the Concordia Foundation to honour the memory of a friend, family member and a loved one. To learn more <click here>

In Loving Memory of Kathy Fetterly

Jennifer Matthewson

Kelly Anderson

Roger Wang

Anne-Marie Skeete

In Loving Memory of Jeanne Witwicki

Sheldon Koven

Michelle Redekopp

Anne-Marie Skeete

Andrea and Bruce Thomas

Eleanor Thomas

In Loving Memory of Ferdinand Goeres

Tabitha Redekop-Bear

Margo Bouchaud

Lydia Cox

Mark Fruehm

Mathias Fruehm

Ruth Bockrandt

Heidi Roesler

Linda Wollin

In Loving Memory of Henry Teichroeb

Peter & Betty Braun

Herbert Nickel

Antoinette Ciwko

In Loving Memory of Evelyn Kennedy

Reid Fisher

In Memory of Catherine and David Klassen

Helene Flamand

In Memory of Harold Surminski

Vicki Surminski, Harold’s loving wife

 In Memory of Thor Magnusson

Dean and Kelly Berezanski

In Memory of Charles (Charlie) Brosch

Janet Mcdougall

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