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Concordia Connection 2024

Welcome to Concordia Connection, Spring 2024!

As we embark on a new chapter filled with inspiration, knowledge, and endless possibilities, we extend our deepest gratitude to our resilient community, dedicated supporters, and the exceptional staff and volunteers who have transformed Concordia into a welcoming and healing haven.


A 20,000-Step Journey to Knee Health

Walking Program Aids Woman in her Surgery and Recovery

By Concordia Connection Staff Writer

If a journey begins with a single step, Roxy then developed a dedicated walking schedule of up to 20,000-steps-a-day on her own personal journey to better health. And going to her dad’s home to help take care of him in early 2023 provided just the opportunity.

Concordia Launches the Patel Simulated Learning Centre

By Concordia Connection Staff Writer

Concordia is establishing a dedicated state-of-the-art Simulation Learning Lab for all care providers, including Urgent Care physicians, Medical/Nursing Students, physicians and Clinical Assistants, Nurses, Respiratory therapists, and others. The centre will enable staff to detect deterioration and manage cardiac arrests and other emergencies.

Tom Dercola Shines Light on The World

Teacher, Hipster and Radio Host

By Concordia Connection Staff Writer

Tom Dercola, to some, is a school teacher, a giver of the heart, and to most, a radio host at CJNU, bringing those classic hits back with a smile that never fades. But one day in the Fall of 2023, everything changed.  He also calls himself a ‘hipster’ after taking a fall downtown Winnipeg last fall. 

Concordia Day Surgery Opens New Doors

By Concordia Connection Staff Writer

The Concordia Hospital proposed a high-priority project to the Concordia Foundation in June 2021 that was adopted immediately by the board, and a campaign was launched that month.   In January 2023, the Day Surgery reopened to the delight of our staff and patients. 

OR# 5

New Operating Room Celebrated Thanks To Community Donors

By Concordia Connection Staff Writer

On a beautiful summer day the Concordia Hospital community was thrilled to cut the ribbon for the new Operating Room that was literally in operation that morning. On June 19,  2023 a gathering of supporters, staff and donors celebrated the opening of this long- awaited project.

Vision of A Community of Caring and Wellness

Concordia Village V Coming in 2026

By Concordia Connection Staff Writer

CV 5  consists of a new seven-story building comprised of  175 residential units, with approximately two-thirds of the units designated as assisted living and the remaining third as apartments. Construction is expected to take approximately 2 ½ years, with occupancy anticipated in early 2026.

Harnessing the Healing Power of Music:

A Musician’s Impact within Healthcare

By Kayon Gray, Manager of Spiritual Care

In the heart of our facility, a rising star is making waves, not only for his musical talent but also for the exceptional use of music therapy. Music therapy and medicine are no doubt dynamic partners and its positive effects on the healing of the body, mind and spirit have been studied for centuries. 

Getting Fresh with Carla Mendres,

Director of Food and Nutrition Services for Concordia Village

By Concordia Connection Staff Writer

Concordia Connection sat down for a cup of coffee and a visit with Carla Mendres, who has been a fixture at Concordia Village as well as at the hospital  She is known for her warm hospitality, her passion for food, her love  for people and her amazing ability to feed hundreds of people a day and make it look easy.   Her food is legendary and she is always on the hunt for new ways of doing things and looking for ways to delight the people she feeds.  

Concordia Pharmacy; Our Community Pharmacy

By Concordia Connection Staff Writer

Concordia is pleased to continue the legacy of our partnership with Abdi Bhardwaj, who is a familiar and friendly face and voice to patients, visitors, families, and the community.  

Arthroplasty Research Chair News

Orthopaedic Innovation at Concordia is Thriving

Adopting a National Strategy for Ambitious Research Projects

A 2.5-year bilateral knee study to develop guidelines on whether to operate on one or two knees at the same time.

Another study at Concordia’s Orthopaedic Innovation Centre aims to assess the benefits of CT scans when used to monitor the slightest microscopic movement in a joint implant.


Training the next Generation

Curiosity and Compassion Drive Rachel Bartel

Concordia Arthroplasty Research Encourages Next Generation

By Concordia Connection Staff Writer

Rachel Bartel has worked with us in our engineering test lab as a co-op student. She stayed on after her co-op term to work with our team to execute hip and ankle wear tests on our joint simulators and has become an expert in explant processing of retrieved implants gathered from Concordia Hospital.  Rachel has also been part of maintaining our quality system by performing internal audits.   She works with us during the school year while studying at Canadian Mennonite University as well.


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