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Supporting Healthier Futures

The Concordia Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Concordia Community serving Concordia Hospital, Concordia Place, Concordia Arthroplasty Research and Concordia Village. Our fundraising and granting initiatives are centered around our core values of commitment, compassion and collaboration; practicing gratitude, accountability and the well-being of our community.


We commit ourselves to the ongoing pursuit of excellence and to caring unconditionally for one another and the community we serve.


We are dedicated to caring for the people we serve and each other with compassion, respect and grace.


We engage with a spirit of collaboration with the people we serve and the people with whom we serve.

Concordia Connection 2024

As we embark on a new chapter filled with inspiration, knowledge, and endless possibilities, we extend our deepest gratitude to our resilient community, dedicated supporters, and the exceptional staff and volunteers who have transformed Concordia into a welcoming and healing haven.

We are thrilled to reintroduce our quarterly publication. Within these pages, you’ll discover diverse content curated to introduce you to remarkable individuals who will inspire and instill hope. We’ve designed a space that celebrates the beauty of shared experiences and the joy derived from serving and giving.

A 20,000-Step Journey to Knee Health

Walking program aids women in her surgery and recovery

She could have taken up meditation; she could have relied on pharmaceuticals.

But Roxy Goudy had her own prescription for how to ease the pain in her arthritic left knee – walk. And not just any ol’ walk in the park.

The 65-year-old personable wife, mom, grandmother to four grandchildren and health-care aide from Balmoral-Selkirk, Man. developed her own walking program that would have left many others faltering at the start line.

Concordia Launches the Patel Simulated Learning Centre

Life-threatening events can happen unexpectedly and we will be ready for it.  Given the increasing amount of information that staff must know and the limited opportunity for care providers to encounter urgent clinical events, innovative approaches to teaching, practicing, and developing skills to manage emergencies are necessary.

Concordia is establishing a dedicated state-of-the-art Simulation Learning Lab for all care providers, including Urgent Care physicians, Medical/Nursing Students, physicians and Clinical Assistants, Nurses, Respiratory therapists, and others. The centre will enable staff to detect deterioration and manage cardiac arrests and other emergencies.


Arthroplasty Research Chair

Research managed by the Arthroplasty Research Chair will improve operating room efficiencies, reduce barriers to access, and accelerate…

Operation Walk Manitoba

Operation Walk is a charitable organization, volunteer medical service organization whose purpose is to provide surgical treatments to patients who live in developing countries that have little or no access to debilitating bone & joint disease care.

Training the Next Generation

The next generation of arthroplasty researchers will play a critical role in advancing joint replacement surgery, improving patient outcomes, and addressing the evolving challenges associated with arthroplasty procedures.

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