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Heart of Care – Adopt A Nursing Station Campaign at 95%

Heart of Care poster

Thanks to you and the support of our community, we have just a little way to go to reach our goal. 

When you want to visit a loved one in our care or have a question, this is where you come for help. The Nursing Station. 

The nursing stations throughout our units and wards are the central hubs of our healthcare units. They’re “mission control” for the Concordia Hospital nurses, doctors and staff you rely on during your time of need.

Nursing stations truly are the heart of each unit.

But our nursing stations require renewal. The time has come to modernize and refurbish our nursing stations to reflect Concordia Hospital’s stature as a leader in advanced medical care and research.

With your help, we can revitalize our “Heart of Care” to ensure better patient support care, for today and for the future.

Thank you for showing your heart!  Our gratitude goes out to everyone who has donated to this campaign.  We are 95% there. 

We’re calling on our community to help us raise the remaining $35,000 needed to upgrade our Day Surgery Department at Concordia Hospital. Because of the generosity of donors and the wonderful support from our Concordia Classic Golf Tournament team, we have raised the majority of funds needed to complete this project. 

We aren’t just talking about a makeover. Our goal is nothing short of a complete renewal of the spaces that serve as the Heart of Care for hundreds of Manitobans every week.

View the Heart of Care Donors

$10,000 – $50,000

Price Family Foundation – thank you Gerry and Barb!

Concordia Classic Golf Tournament 2021

$1,000 – $5,000

Concordia Pharmacy and Clinic

Providence Christian Services

Speltzer Family Foundation

$500 – $999

Marguerite Auld

Alan Graham

Ingrid Peters-Fransen

Nancy Feniuk

Michael Woelcke

$200 – $499

Donald King

Lawrence Maksymetz

Dr. Glenn and Marguerite Nichols

David and Hermine Olfert

Helen Pachal

Kenneth and Freeda Sanderson

Michael Weretyk

Donald Winters

$25 – $199

David Allan

Anna Amborsky

Georgina Amy

Bernie Atamanchuk

Ingeborg Barthel

Stephen Bjornson

Andrea Chomyshyn

Ronald Cinch

Concordia Village Advisory Council

Tanya Derkach

Henry Dueck

F. Ben Dyck

Adele Elin

Marian Friesen

Sidney Garvie

Wendall Gray

Arnold Grudeski

Mirjana Hamzic

Dorothy Hardy

Margaret Hart

Greg Hauser

Diane Heppner

Jean Hird

Julianna Houssin

Susan Howard

Dan and Lorraine Iwanchysko

Joan Johnson

Bonny Kahanovitch

Sadie Kakegamick

Linda Kehler

Alice Kletke

Catarina Koch-Schulte

Joseph Koch-Schulte

Ronald and Joan Kolbauer

Bohdan Kozoris

Dietrich Krahn

Theodor Kreis

Kirk and Sonia Kuppers

Mary Kuzminski

Andre LeFleche

Milagros Laurel

Sindy Lien

Gordon Logan

Hung Cam Ly

James and Mary MacKie

Carolyn Maskell

Loretta and Edward Merriam

Lily McGowan

Betty McLaughlin

Margaret McPhail

Herbert Mueller and Rosemary Mueller Hood

Trish Pauls

Leo and Gail Scheer

Bernard Schmid

Grace Schwarz

Warren Scott

Emilien Sibilleau

Ron St. Hilare

Michele Synnott

Erwin Thiessen

Arnold Ziemianski

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