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The Arthroplasty Research Chair

Researcher looking through microscope

Research managed by the Arthroplasty Research Chair will improve operating room efficiencies, reduce barriers to access, and accelerate innovative approaches to healing the growing number of Manitobans living with debilitating hip and knee pain.

  • Dr. Turgeon and Concordia’s hip and knee researchers have investigated why some hip and knee implants fail — research that can lead to new designs, manufacturing processes and surgical techniques that result in more comfortable, longer-lasting implants.
  • They have also been studying the benefits of bilateral surgeries, where a person with two damaged knees has them both operated on simultaneously.
  • Soon, the Chair and their team of researchers hope to launch a pilot study to understand how socioeconomic status impacts access to care.
  • Beyond that, there is a whole world of surgical robots to explore: mechanical assistants that may improve surgical outcomes thanks to their incredible precision.

The Concordia Hip and Knee Institute

  • The Hip and Knee Institute serves 1,500+ patients a year from Manitoba and parts of Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Nunavut.
  • Hip and knee replacements are more effective at improving quality of life than transplants, dialysis, and bypass grafting for the heart.
  • We are home to the Reverse Hip Replacement. Only 24 people in the world have had this experimental procedure aimed at reducing painful joint dislocations, and they are all from right here in Manitoba!
  • Over the past 15 years, our Implant Retrieval Analysis Program (IRAP) has collected more than 4,000 implants at our implant retrieval lab—only one of two in Canada. We have published more than a dozen research studies involving implants, helping surgeons in Winnipeg and worldwide.
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