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Harnessing the Healing Power of Music:

A Musician’s Impact within Healthcare

By Kayon Gray, Manager of Spiritual Care

In the heart of our facility, a rising star is making waves, not only for his musical talent but also for the exceptional use of music therapy. Music therapy and medicine are no doubt dynamic partners and its positive effects on the healing of the body, mind and spirit have been studied for centuries. 

Meet Tate Hiebert, a gifted young artist who has transformed the hospital and personal care environments of Concordia, bringing comfort and healing through the power of melodies. With a desire for both music and compassionate care, Tate began his journey at Concordia in the summer of 2022.

What started as a way to share his musical gift, soon evolved into something much deeper. Knowing the therapeutic potential of music, Tate collaborated with Concordia staff in various departments such as Spiritual Care and Therapeutic Recreation to integrate music therapy into different programs and interventions. The results have been remarkable.

Whether it’s a warming vocal melody or an uplifting guitar performance, Tate intuitively tailors each session to match the emotional needs of his listener. Patients undergoing challenging procedures find solace in the gentle rhythms, while those dealing with anxiety experience a sense of calm that traditional methods sometimes struggle to achieve. 

Beyond the patient’s rooms, the sense of community that music has fostered is invaluable particularly for our long-term care residents of Concordia Place. On a weekly basis, residents are not only immersed in the sounds of inspirational melodies but actively participate in group worship that encourages interaction and camaraderie with others. With Tate’s assistance they exuberantly “address one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs….” (Ephesian 5:19 ESV). Families and staff have marveled at the difference music makes and how much it binds people together in ways language rarely does. As we continue to prioritize holistic care, we are proud to have Tate as part of our health care team. His musical gifts which have become an essential part of our person-centered approach to care, serves as a beacon of inspiration with melodies that mend hearts and uplifts spirits.

What sets him apart is not just the skillful playing, but his ability to connect with patients, residents, families and staff. Tate’s genuine warmth and empathy shine through his music, creating an atmosphere of trust and support.
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