Ultrasound Campaign

Thank you to everyone who supported the success of this campaign.  We have been able to purchase this state-of-the-art mobile ultrasound unit for Concordia Urgent Care. 

Campaign for Concordia Urgent Care’s Ultrasound 2020 and Education Fund

Dr. Tyler Laycock, Director of Concordia Urgent Care, and Valerie Wiebe, President and COO, Concordia Hospital, celebrate the purchase of this critical medical equipment.

 Donors and Supporters, thank you!

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Roger Gripp, President and Chair of The Concordia Foundation presents grant for the purchase of the Ultrasound unit for Concordia Urgent Care.

People make it possible for patients and their families to have a positive, life-changing experience. We are so grateful to our donors, committee members, board members, and sponsors for making it possible for Concordia Urgent Care to purchase a cutting-edge portable ultrasound that can quickly analyze and diagnose an issue in real-time.

We thank everyone who supported the campaign between August 19 and October 31, 2020 to make this grant to Concordia Hospital, possible.

 Roger and Tyler

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